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Fern Canyon at Prairie Creek Redwoods SP

It takes a bit of work to get to Fern Canyon, but you’ll be glad you went to the trouble. From Highway 101 at Orick, drive unpaved Davison Road 10 miles to this a hidden paradise of ferns lining a narrow gorge carved out by Home Creek in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Some of the seven different types of ferns clinging to the steep cliffs are ancient species, with ancestry tracing back 325 million years. Living underneath their leafy shade are some eye-catching amphibians, including Pacific giant salamanders, which can measure nearly a foot long.

The trail follows a series of small footbridges (installed in summer) deep into the canyon. Drooping ferns create hanging gardens, miniature waterfalls pour down rock faces, and moss wallpapers every surface. The walls grow taller and squeeze tighter as you travel.

If you think this looks familiar, it’s probably becaus you saw the Steven Spielberg movie, Jurassic Park II, which includes a scene filmed within this canyon. Every curve and turn leads to another amazing view. Far too soon, the trail curves left and ascends out of the canyon, then loops back to the parking lot. More than a few Fern Canyon hikers choose to retrace their steps instead of continuing on the loop—it’s just too hard to leave this special place (and it is only a one-mile loop trail).

Remember, it’s wet here on this trail. When hiking Fern Canyon, river sandals or waterproof boots are recommended.

About Prairie Creek State Park
Prairie Creek State Park has 75 miles of trails, ranging from a 0.1-mile stroll to see Big Tree (at mile marker 127.96 on the Newton B. Drury Parkway) to multiday backpacking journeys. A chart in the park brochure lists the options. Bring water, appropriate clothing, and a park map.

Location: Davison Rd. to Gold Bluffs Beach, Gold Bluffs Beach, CA | 707-465-7354 | Fern Canyon (Prairie Creek SP) Website |44.0 mi from Hotel

Crescent City California Outdoor Activities

Breathtaking natural California beauty can be found close in nearby redwood forests, rivers, lakes, and beaches. Fun natural attractions include Trees of Mystery, Ocean World, and the Drive-Thru Tree. Come and experience the rugged outdoors while you take on white water rafting on the Smith River, kayaking, camping, and fishing are some of the many fun things to do in our area. View Crescent City Outdoor Activities guide.

Anchor Beach Inn - Crescent City California Hotel

Hotels In Crescent City California: Anchor Beach Inn

Anchor Beach Inn in Crescent City, California - As our name implies, we’re situated just next to the beach (0.1 mi), separated by a small side road. You can see the beach from most of the rooms in our cozy hotel, especially from the second floor. Contemporary, amenity-rich lodging features one, two, or three queen beds as well as king beds available for your comfort. Outstanding service keeps us in good standing with our guests. Our Crescent City motel is wihtin a 15-minute walk of Crescent City Harbor and Ocean World. Beachfront Park and Del Norte County Historical Society are also within 2 miles.

Rooms feature free Wi-Fi and wired internet; flat-screen TVs with extended channels. Rooms are equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers. Dogs are welcome for an extra fee in specific rooms only and restrictions apply.

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